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2007.5-2010 GM 6.6L LMM Duramax - Performance Engine & Drivetrain

Look, we know you bought your Diesel pickup to put it to work, or maybe even play. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of products that will help to truly bring out and harness all of your Diesel Engine’s potential. We’ve got power upgrades to cover everything from mild to wild, and with them SUPPORTING ACCESSORIES. 

With any modifications, we believe in a function first mentality, meaning the upgrades you make to your pickup should make the driving or working experience more comfortable and enjoyable. That being said, our product offering includes the supporting upgrades you need to make in order for your truck to safely put down that increased horsepower and torque. 

We carry thousands of products that have been rigorously tested not only throughout our industry, but in many cases on our rigs as well. For better engine breathability, we carry true Cold Air Intake systems from companies such as S&B Filters. These filters are going to deliver much cleaner and cooler air directly to that turbo. If you’re looking for more power to match your fuel, you’ll want to take a look at our factory replacement and aftermarket turbos that will get you that increased airflow. With more airflow comes the need for a better exhaust system. We have that too! With products from Magnaflow and MBRP, we have your application covered. 

With more air available we already know you’re going to be looking for more fuel. All the way from the lift pump that is going to be picking up, filtering, and delivering the fuel to your upgraded injection pump, to the injector nozzles that will safely and efficiently deliver the right amount into the cylinders we carry each component, and can help you match each one correctly. Now, in order to harness that increased fuel and air, you will need tuning and you’ll need to monitor the engine’s vitals. We have tuners, chips, programmers, and the gauge systems to make sure your increased power is being put down safely and efficiently. 

An overlooked part of performance, often until it’s too late is the drivetrain. Transmission, differentials, and axle components need to be beefed up to handle the transfer of all those newfound horses to the ground. We carry upgraded clutches, torque convertors, and other builder parts for transmissions. Or, we offer professionally rebuilt ready to install transmissions that are built using parts that will handle your power numbers. In addition, we also have upgraded transmission coolers. As far as differential components go, we can get you upgraded axle shafts, gears, lockers, and more to make sure that they can take the abuse of more power or larger tires. 

When taking all of these performance and power upgrades into consideration realize this: we have already put together countless horsepower recipes with data backed testing and proven miles working these pickups. Our ability to put together a power upgrade kit that is going to deliver the level of performance you are looking for while including the necessary supporting accessories is unmatched. We will walk you through your build and provide the parts necessary to bring your diesel pickup to the next level. If you don’t see a product you are looking for, or if you would like us to put together a performance and power upgrade kit with your budget and goals in mind please feel free to pick up that phone and give us a call or shoot us an email. We can find any part and give the advice needed for a successful build.- We are the PROS.

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