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Road forces affect your steering in many ways, and the first line of defense against unwanted wandering, steering pull, and of course the dreaded DEATH WOBBLE is a proper steering stabilizer (damper).

Dampers help to mitigate the forces placed on your steering wheel by dampening those movements to a more controllable level.  A damper is a shock for your steering, just like the shocks that control your suspension movement with one difference.  Dampers are valved to a 50/50 dampening bias which means you'll have equal dampening while turning both left and right directionally. 

Even a little bit of wear or a dead spot in your damper will have a negative effect on your steering, so that's why we recommend, sell and install Bilstein Suspension dampers on many of our customers' vehicles.  They have excellent quality and durability for a lifetime of accurate dampening and predictable steering feel; no matter the road your on.

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Description: 17-20 FORD F250, F350 ***This will fix the vast majority of Alumiduty trucks plagued with 'death-wobble!'*** Bilstein B8 5100 (Steering Damper) is designed as an upgrade to factory steering...More Details »
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