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Diesel Engines just wouldn’t create the power they do without a turbocharger. Most turbos that are installed at the factory are generally dependable at stock fuel delivery levels. There are a few exceptions though. This is why we offer factory style replacement turbochargers that solve issues found in the factory offerings. Now, if you are looking to get more power, you have probably already begun looking at Fuel Injector upgrades. In order to most efficiently utilize the increased fuel that is delivered to your engine, you must select the correct turbocharger. Here is where our wide range of turbo kits, upgrades, and more comes in. Whether you are looking at a twin or compound setup, or maybe just a big single we have it. If you need some help deciding on the right turbo setup to support your increased fuel, give us a call or shoot us an email and allow us to walk you through the options with your budget and goals in mind, once again- We are the PROS.

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