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Exterior Accessories - Power Running Board
With the height of today’s modern diesel pickups even in stock form, running boards have become a necessity! The downsides to a traditional set of Running Boards are the lost ground clearance along with some preferring a more sleek appearance. With Powered Running Boards, you are able to gain that sleek appearance while also minimizing your chances of getting hung up on logs and rocks off the beaten path! A set of Power Steps deploy upon the opening of a door, and then retract back into their tucked-up location staying hidden. Some options even emit light upon deployment making sure you and your loved ones will have a sure-footed step out of your pickup. At Diesel Pros, we have the real world knowledge and experience to back up what we sell. As always, we are enthusiasts first. So feel free to pick up that phone and give us a call or shoot us an email if you have any questions on your selection!
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