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Differential gearing is a hugely underestimated key to unlocking more drivability out of your pickup. By correctly gearing your axles to match your driving situations and tire size you are creating a situation where your engine’s existing power is being used more efficiently. This has so many pros that one begins to notice after completing a re-gear. Better low end torque for navigating those mountain passes while pulling a load, or for the highway cruisers, lower engine rpm at those high speeds. This all translates to less wear and tear on drivetrain components as well as less stress on that working engine. We also can’t forget that with regearing, the opportunity to install a Limited Slip Differential or Locking Differential should be considered. Even if your pickup isn’t primarily used offroad, there are countless times when the ability to positively lock your axles is hugely beneficial (Burnouts). For more information regarding the benefits of regearing your pickup’s axles listen to The Diesel Podcast episode: Click Here Off-Road Alumiduty & 2.8L Cummins Jeep Swaps where Diesel Pros owner Gary Fields explains some of these benefits. We have also put together some videos showing these benefits on our YouTube Channel: Click Here If you need some help deciding on the right setup, give us a call or shoot us an email and allow us to walk you through the options with your budget and goals in mind, once again- We are the PROS.

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