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Diesel pickup transmissions have had it tough for years. Even at factory power levels, many factory transmissions have been blamed for failing to hold up to what the engine can deliver. This is especially true if you are increasing power but expect that factory tranny to hold it all. Your pickup’s factory transmission really isn’t going to be very happy having to deliver all of your engine’s newfound horses to the ground. For this reason we carry heavy-duty professionally built transmissions and the builder components used to beef them up. What good is all of that power gonna do if the only thing that happens when you hammer down is the feeling of a slipping clutch or you find yourself trying to shift a mushbox of gears? Let us help you avoid that before it leaves you on the side of the road. Clutches, Billet Flex Plates, Heavy Duty or High Stall Torque Convertors, Upgraded Fluid Pans, Transmission Coolers, and other parts required to tame those horses and manage that torque are all part of our inventory. If you need some help deciding on the right setup, give us a call or shoot us an email and allow us to walk you through the options with your budget and goals in mind, once again- We are the PROS.

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