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Today’s modern diesel pickups create impressive power directly from the factory, but what some lack is the transparency in how they display the engine’s vitals. That’s why even in factory form it can be beneficial to get a set of gauges or a monitor such as Edge’s CTS2. With ANY power upgrades, it’s imperative to always know exactly how your pickup is performing. Factory gauges only monitor the bare minimum engine vitals, and in order to remain on the road with power upgrades, more knowledge of your engine is essential. We carry the most trusted options, and we run them in our own rigs as a testament to their accuracy. Many of these monitors double as the tuner or programmer you may need as well to make sure you’re efficiently getting all you can out of your diesel engine. If you need some help deciding on the right setup or don't see what you're looking for, give us a call or shoot us an email and allow us to walk you through the options with your budget and goals in mind, once again- We are the PROS.   

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